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BOSS detailed with Wolfgang products.

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I just finished detailing my BOSS with the Wolfgang line of products. Since the car is only 7 months old and garaged, the paint didn't need too much work. I clayed it, glazed it with Wolfgang Finishing Glaze 3.0 and sealed it with Wolfgang Deep Gloss Paint Sealant 3.0. It really came out great!! I had no issues with the sealant on the decals as that seems to be a common question. I did however tape off the decals for the the clay and glaze though. has great how to videos and plenty of know how in the forums if you are a beginner like myself. Hope this was useful...

I will add some more pics this weekend when the sun decides to come out..

All taped off. Except the spoiler that I decided to tape after I clayed and before I applied the Glaze...

All done!!!! (3 hours later)

Some close ups...




wow, looks pristine.

I dont know how you guys work so fast and get great results. I must be doing something wrong. I spend at least 6 hours, and sometimes not even finish in one day, and the car doesn't look this good lol.
Thanks man! It took me 7 hours to do the wife's Sonata a couple of weeks ago. But I kinda let the paint go for a while (since 2010 when be bought My car hasn't even been in the rain yet so there wasn't much work required to get the paint ready for the sealant... That reminds me, I should probably check to make sure the wipers work. :eek:
Alright, I don't feel too bad then lol.
Mine sits outside, and barely gets washed :-\ except the occasional emergency bird doodoo cleaning before it does any damage.

did you apply wax/sealant by hand?
Applied everything with my DA polisher. Real happy with the Wolfgang quality! I'm going to put a coat of Fuzion on tomorrow. I'll post some more pics.

Question for killerwill13... What do you recommend for higher range products? I put Fuzion on my wifes car and really liked it aside from the static...


Save the dawn for your dishes!!!
I love how well race red responds to a good detail. Almost bought a race red on myself. I have never tried wolfgang products they seem to be pretty good.

you should give adams patriot wax a try its awesome. looks great over my 22ple pro.


I use Wolfgang products on my white BOSS. Products are great IMO, everyone comes up to my top and thinks its glass. They look from the inside interior up and the looks on their faces are priceless. Granted I keep the whole car crazy spotless. The Fuzion wax is easy on and off, doesn't whiten on plastic and I use it on the glass too. Their Spritz spray is unreal, again I use it on the plastic, glass and body of course. I have not had a bug or piece of road grime not come off with a spritz or a little saliva. Heat is not an issue either, I initially got turned on to these products by a guy that details boats. :)

I used to detail cars and used Ardex products. Worked my ass off to be frank. I can relax, wipe down and be done at home or at a cruise while most are sweaty and still going.

Price $$$ yes higher but the shear fact that everyone asks what I use or just comment on the appearance of my car is enough for me. You can my review any way you want, I have no aspirations of changing until someone or my buddy can recommend something better.

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