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Boss galore!

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Check out this dealer's Boss inventory,,ford/standardmodel/eq,mustang/standardbody/eq,coupe/standardtrim/eq,boss%20302/categories/all-vehicles,new,new-specials,preowned,preowned-specials,certified,commercial,under-10k/selectedcat/all-vehicles/sortfilter/none/sortDirection/none/vperPage/10/page/1
Interesting that the 2012's are priced higher than all the 13's. I guess because they are better looking and don't have silly electronics. ;)
That is the most Boss Mustangs I have ever seen at one dealership. My guess is that he cleaned up on some other dealer inventory who could or would not move them.....Most likely trying to get big ADM's on them....
He had the PW on ebay the other day. I called them up and spoke with the owner and asked a couple of questions about the car. The # listed was actually a direct line to his office. :eek: He tried to get me to put an offer in on the car but i reluctantly didnt. Its still listed on his site but according to ebay it sold the next day for $43,100 before a $400 doc fee.

I asked a couple of questions about any added or hidden fees, he said he didnt believe in markups or market adjustments. That was before i realized that he was asking more for the used ones than the new ones. I mean, he has a used '13 LS with 4k on it listed for $2,000 more than the new one he has. Wth?

He also said he had bought a bunch of cars from other dealers, obviously. I have a feeling that he also bought the one from my local dealer that i went to look at last saturday but was sold that day to "a dealer out of state". I am in Raleigh, NC, O.C. is near Bluffton SC, about 5 hours away and not far from where my parents live.
$500k for a 13 Boss? I don't think so. There's nothing you can do to a Boss to justify a price like that and beside's, if someone had $500k to drop on a car I'm sure they wouldn't be shopping for a Mustang.

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