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Boss Mustangs on Track at Summit Point Raceway and Atlanta Motorsports Park

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If you didn't get a chance to try out your Boss at Summit Point or Atlanta Motorsports Park, then join the SCMC and MB along with TCUSA for a fun time at the track. The event includes two days of on track, car show, and parade laps.

Event Dates are:

Summit Point - August 11-12, 2012

Info can be found here:

Atlanta Motorsports Park - September 22-23, 2012

Info can be found here:

Gingerman Raceway - September 22-23, 2012

Info can be found here: Coming soon...

Looking forward to meeting you Darren! I know this might sound stupid but my 2013 Race Red Boss is sitting at the dealership and I have to wait another week to go pick it but I've been waiting since march 5, 2012. What's another week? :)


That should give you time to break'er in before the event! And what's another week? Well the last week is the longest!! Send us pics when you get it.
I'll be sure to post pics when I get some, hopefully this weekend. The car is there, I'm not! :/
Looks like there should be 6 or 7 Boss 302s at Summit next weekend. Be nice if a couple more showed up. If you've never been there it's a great facility...about 90 mins outside Washington DC. Plus, about 30 minutes away is Charles Town with a Vegas style casino with both slots and table games if you are looking to win some case for a new set of track wheels and tires!


Anyone know where I can pick up track day insurance for this event?

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