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Boss vs 1LE

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I'm feeling much better now about the rivalry between The Boss and the 1LE. I saw a video on the new Viper TA (Time Attack). Randy Pobst was racing it at laguna seca to redeem the loss Dodge had when they battled their new GTS against a ZR1. Back then the ZR1 beat the GTS by 2 seconds. Similarly to the 1LE and what Camaro accomplished with the track pack so they claim (better suspension, brakes, TIRES etc.) I had no idea that the right set of tires makes that much difference. This makes me believe that the Camaro actually did beat the boss around VIR but with some incredible tires. Put the same tires on the boss and it's game over for the Camaro.

After Randy Pobst beat the ZR1's track time and set a new Laguna Seca production car lap record with the Viper TA, they threw a set of slicks on the Viper TA just to see how much more it could do. With slicks it beat the ZR1 by almost 4 seconds!!

Originally the ZR1 had the lap record at LS - 1:33. 99
Viper TA has the new record at LS - 1:33.62
Viper TA with racing slicks at LS - 1:30.78 -

Tires make all the difference. :)
Colecree said:
What tires r on the 1le? When it beat the boss ? The pzero Cora r good I thaught

crap, I really can't remember now, but I know they are a stickier tire...better maybe no, but stickier yes.
The ZL1 has Goodyear Eagle Supercar tires. Also keep in mind that the 1LE and ZL1 both also have MORE tire than the Boss. On a side note, the 1LE wheels and tires weigh the same as the stock Boss wheels despite being 20's and also having more tire.
more is probably the key because f1 supercars are not great tires.

either way i'm fine with the 1le being faster. OP why does it bother you so much?
I was doing some work at a Chevy Dealer, Talking about my Boss i had to ask a group of salesmen about the 1LE,, 0 out of 6 guys new what i was talking about. "you mean the ZL1, you mean the SS?", my guess is I will never see one.
gsw166 said:
I was doing some work at a Chevy Dealer, Talking about my Boss i had to ask a group of salesmen about the 1LE,, 0 out of 6 guys new what i was talking about. "you mean the ZL1, you mean the SS?", my guess is I will never see one.

People who work at the dealerships are complete idiots a majority of the time. I can't count how many times I've had to teach the people at the dealership about what their job.

Similar to your story, I remember going into my local ford dealership to the parts counter. I asked for front rotors off of a GT500. He says," Uh we don't have anything for a GT500. The only thing in the computer is for a Shelby GT500." No shiznit Sherlock, there the same damn thing! (was what I wanted to say.) ::)
Boss949 said:
I'm not a racer (although I'm going to Track Attack in May), but I appreciate unique cars and I'm an old guy from the 60's/70's Muscle Car era when we drove all of them from Ford, GM, Mopar, etc.

When I saw that the Boss was being made again for a 2 year run, I knew that I had to have one, simply because of all the cars that I owned, that I wish I still and more than that, the one's I missed out on; like the original Boss 302.

Our Bosses are fantastic vehicles even before mods. And now we are the end of the production run.

We have something unique. I think Chevy really missed it; I remember the COPO Chevelle that I ALMOST bought! They should have come out with the COPO Camaro; but it really doesn't matter. I think we will appreciate our Boss 302's more and more as the days/years go by, whether we race them, street them or park them.

Not many of us are owners and that's a big thank you to the folks at Ford, who had the guts to make the Boss a reality again.



Mustang owner since 84
Re: Re: Boss vs 1LE

Boss949 said:

Yes, I know about the COPO Dragster; I should have said for general production run like the Boss.

The did the COPO vs. Cobra Jet
The show I entered in this weekend has a COPO there on display, I'll take pictures.
Boss LS vs 1LE !

I have a 12 LS n my buddy has a 1LE have seen all the post on what one is faster with no real answer lol ! I can say the boss is faster In a drag race even with the 393 gears or 391 what ever they have . He dose have a problem that he runs out of gear on the strip n falls on his noes lol. We'll I beat him ALL last summer dozens of times ! This summer is a little different he now has a intake headers x pipe full exhaust nitto street drag tires and a tune on the dyno he now puts out 441 at the wheels ! I put my stock boss on the dyno n got 378.9 . We'll I have had one good race n I lost by 1 1/2 too 2 car lengths I was not happy lol next time I'm going to try to heat the tires up n if not I'll have to upgrade I have the p zero corsa now . PS our cars were on the dyno with in a few hr of each other n the temp was 60 degrees

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