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Brake/Clutch fluid resouvior.

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Has anyone noticed their brake/Clutch fluid resouvior leaking?
On my 2013 that has 685 miles on it, I noticed that it looked like fluid around the center seal area of the reservoir. I wiped it off and made sure the cap was on tight. Then I drove it about 30 miles and checke it again. Same thing, just a little bit of fluid around that center seal area.

Most of the caps leak. Keep the fluid no higher than the halfway point between min and max.
Mine gets fluid around the seal between the res and the rail. People say it is from the cap, but everything above that point is dry. Maybe it flows down and builds up there, but I still suspect that is not what is happening on mine as it is completely dry and clean above that point and I have had brake fluid spattered on the motor and around the engine bay but only down low.
OK, well it sounds pretty common then, and therefore nothing to take to the dealer for "Warranty work". I will just keep an eye on the fluid level.

I bet the tech at the dealership would say the same thing "they all leak a little"...

Of which my response would be, "um, its a $50,000 BRAND NEW Car, Nothing should leak except me when I stomp the accelerator."

Thanks for the comments guys! Good to know it isn't just me...
wwilde001 said:
Check your paint next to the reservoir under the sound tube. Seems not only did they overfill them, they also dripped brake fluid on the paint in this area.

This! Def check the paint around the reservoir. The paint bubbled up right below the strut tower, and the car is at dealer getting fixed, hopefully.
Got to check mine, hadn't noticed anything prior.

If Ford has a systemic leak of corrosive fluid like this, they are subject to getting a recall directive courtesy of the EPA. Very interested in the dealer response.

The brake resovior cap 'seep' has been going on since the 05 model.
I seem to remember some guys adding a rubber sheet or similar spacer between the cap & gasket to seal up the cap better.
I have just gotten into the habit of wiping the cap area off every time I clean under the hood.
In the E30 world, the caps all leak when you track them. Many people use one of the insulating socks they sell for the reservoir just to catch the fluid that leaks. That way it doesn't drip and do damage. Sort of a bandaid but it works.
5DOT0 does that cap leak?

They have ones that are more like a sock, it encloses the whole thing. Or you can turn is so it is vertical and covers the cap to catch the leaks at the source instead of them dripping down to it. I don't recall where people were getting the sock ones. The purpose is supposed to be to keep radiant motor heat out of the brake fluid, but people I know use them to catch the drips.
The Power Bleeder cap I bought for doing clutch bleeds has a couple rubber gaskets, or different thicknesses. I was thinking about trying the thinner one under the stock cap, but I don't know if the rubber can handle constant contact with brake fluid or if it will eventually melt.
5 DOT 0 said:
Mine has leaked a bit but that was after tracking my car with the fluid level at the max mark. Keeping it closer to the min line has helped a lot.

After reading this I checked mine and it is bone dry. The car now has about 2200 track miles. No problems on this end.
I am giving in and taking the car to a local Ford Dealer tomorrow to see if they can do anything, its under warranty so its no cost to me, and if they fix it great! I will let you all know what I find out...

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