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Brake Rotors: What and Where to Purchase?

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Hi Guys -

I'm looking for some advice on where to purchase some replacement brake rotors. I've got a 13 GT Track pack car and the stock Brembo rotors are done. The car will be substantially upgraded over the winter, however in the meantime I just need a place to purchase a decent set of replacement rotors until that happens.

Has anyone used RockAuto and if so, which rotors did you purchase. I'll also be dropping the stock pads back in as well. Also, I don't want to break the bank, like I said - replacement equivalent of stock.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks - Mike
I've purchased from Rock Auto with good results but don't forget our forum vendors Track Day Solutions, Blowfish Racing and KNS Brakes. Click on their ads to the right and they offer good pricing with excellent customer service.
KNS Brakes is a great place to shop. I recommend Centric Premium Brake Rotors for both the street and track days. They hold up well to the heat of track days and priced right as well. One thing to remember is Centric also makes cheaper rotors which I don't recommend. Stick with the Premium set as they work well.
JScheier said:
Motorcraft part number. It's what I run.
Good deal thanks. I'm getting basically the same longevity out of the OEMs as I have out of 2-piecers and other cryo treated rotors so it's what I'll be running going forward.
Guys, this is wonderful information - Thank you!!

JScheier -these are directly replacements for the Brembo Rotors correct?


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I really recommend stepping up to a slotted rotor. They have helped me tremendously in preventing material buildup and glazing on hard braking track days. I used to experience a shudder 3/4 through a track day and I was getting all sorts of glazed deposits. Now I don't have any issues and my pads actually last longer.

The cryo is probably not worth it. 2-piece are nice and help reduce rotating mass. and if you can afford the up front cost, they are actually competitive with replacing the rotor "ring" verses replacing a comparable 1-piece rotor.

That said, the centric (stoptech) are very hard to beat for price, performance and longevity.
Centric Premium Rotors on Amazon:

Probably not going to find these rotors cheaper.
Got mine at tire rack. Though they aren't stock, got stop-tech cryo-treated rotors. And it wasn't cheap. But just throwing it out there.
cloud9 said:
Good deal thanks. I'm getting basically the same longevity out of the OEMs as I have out of 2-piecers and other cryo treated rotors so it's what I'll be running going forward.

It's funny you see that also. I use to run the Power Slot cryo in the rear and sometimes front. I have different rotors in the front now but I am just running Powerslot non-cryo in the rear. When I was first learning and working my way up to running in the advanced group I did see the cyro's last longer then non-cyro treated. Now I get about the same time until I crack the rears with or without the treatment.

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