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It would make a good poster for sure... But would take some doing and a photo of the car at the same angle on pavement or concrete so there is no grass on the tires or in front of the car... I might think about doing some "Custom Posters" later on, but right now I am just playing around with ideas...
Nice work. You'd think you did that for a living or something. ;)
haha, Well that is the thing, to get it to look right I would have to get photos in that angle from each person edit them and then put into the Poster design and see how it looks... That would be the hardest part... But let me do some thinking and see how best to accomplish it for the masses... My car might not be the best "Option" for color changing as I have the Rear Louvers...
Nice! Very Nice! Hey were did you get the louvers? Also just some advice but if you do start making them you may want to delete the Ford logo. I think it would fall under that crazy no unauthorized reproduction BS. The last thing you want is a corporate lawyer after you for making a couple hundred bucks.
Well done, I raise my glass to you sir.

To rip off the movie field off dreams "if you make them, they will sell" or the most interesting man in the world "I normally do not drive a muscle car, but when I do...I drive a bad ass boss 302"


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