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Bug stains on front facsia

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Save the dawn for your dishes!!!
clay bar it.

then use a good hand polish or fine machine polish with a PC/FLEX etc.

Then seal it with wax/zaino/22ple or what ever your poison is


Save the dawn for your dishes!!!
orng302 said:
autowash is just a name, this stuff works really well.
I know what it is I must be missing something its just a cleaner....the stains are from acid etching which need to either be polished off or filled with something like a glaze...
A good detail starts by thoroughly removing all of the surface contamination as safely as possible. This citrus based degreaser is a perfect product for removing stubborn contamination on your paint, cleaning wheel wells, interior cleaning, engine degreaser and much more. Before washing spray this product on your lower panels or any area with heavy contamination build up and rinse with water. The P21S Auto Wash safely loosens and separates contaminates from the surface to save you from scrubbing the surface and possibly adding micro-scratches. This product is very safe and easy to use which is why it has become a favorite product of many top detailers. When you are going to wash your paint save yourself time and effort while improving your results with the P21s Total Auto Wash.
Like has been said. You want correction done to the paint? You need some sort of machine polishing. If you're scared about it check out Everything they make is great and their stuff is very beginner friendly. It would be very hard to mess up your paint with their line of polishes.


Does P21 Total Auto Wash remove the wax or sealant?
I've used Pooboy's Bug Squash in the past, diluted 3:1, but others say it will remove the sealant. So now I drape soapy rags over the front bumper while I wash the rest of the car. After the bugs soak, most of the guts come off with a spray nozzle. Then I gently wash with a microfiber loaded with soap.
I wash every week which minimizes bug buildup and damage. I'm reluctant to use a QD every day for fear of scratching paint with the bug guts.

Anyone tried Griot's Bug Barricade?
It is very gentle but effective. Look it up, also go on the car care specialties website and see what they have to say about it.

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