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Build/shipping time line

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Picked up my Boss today and the sales manager was kind enough to print out the history of my car from start to finish. This will vary by dealer location, but it can give you idea of the time lapse and the process from scheduled date thru shipping. The timeline is backwards, from the most current date back, so you have to start at the end and work towards the front.


nice. You have a great dealer. If it wasn't for Mark I would have had zero updates on my car during the entire process.
I have not had a single update on my order through 1 dealer... (We are at the mercy of Ford they say)... They won't give us any information...

So after talking to about 4 other Dealers and hearing that I will get a VIN in roughly 2 weeks of ordering through them I was pretty angry. Now I am talking to Dealer about 2 hours away about one they have coming in, since the other 3 local dealers have a $3-5K Markup on theirs.

Great information to have if you can get it...
Xero187 said:
After it arrived on rail on the 16th. When did it actually show up at the dealer? Was it on the ETA?

The car arrived at the dealer on the 18th. The dealer is about 200 miles from the railhead, but there was a weekend in between. The car arrived at the railhead on Friday and the dealer had the car on Monday.

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