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Businesses that understand the " Word " Service!

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Bill Pemberton

0ld Ford Automotive Racing Terror
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Blair, Nebraska
First off I need to apologize to myself for not listening to over 30 years of selling automobiles, automotive racing and performance accessories and being true to myself. I have commented to my friends and customers for years to do business with those who respond back to your questions and concerns, and somehow find the time to let you know they appreciate your business. In today's World the first thing you hear from many companies is we are so busy and we don't have any help, when confronted with why they have not gotten back to you for days or even weeks. The other issue is when an error is made, especially when it is said company's fault the excuses seem to come in droves instead of assisting the consumer and alleviating the mistakes they have caused. Often the problem is compounded because no one ever answers the phone or we ( as the consumer ) must spend hours waiting for someone to actually answer. I recently spent hours on end talking to CJ Pony Parts for a part they told me would work on my Mach 1. I called ( waited forever ) because I wanted to make sure said part would work, and after the Sales Rep talked to his Superior I was told it would fit perfectly. Two months later, 8 different individuals talked with , I finally got a refund for the part that did not work, enduring a litany of excuses, errors and apologies that had no meat since I had to call back over and over to get things corrected. This is why I am embarrassed to say , Bill , why did you not follow your time honored rule to talk to people who really know their stuff, will get back with you ( either phone, text, or email ) and value your business. Sure many companies are busy, sure we have supply chain issues , but the businesses that want to survive this period of frustration need to work even harder to actually respond to their customers. I forgot to check with Capaldi Racing for this part ( for which I paid the penalty ) and after numerous emails, and calls , I have what works and what I needed. I never just looked for price, though the Sponsors on this site are competitive, but I did always look for service because it is so important if you track your car. I can not say enough good things about Leo and Sandie, and the crazy thing is I have recommended them to so many friends and clients.

I know I tend to ramble on, but consider missing a race and the cost of that when dealing with your suppliers, and remember how unbelievably important it can be to get parts/advice/ ,mods from someone who really deals with the real issues, not some individual in a cubicle who reads off a computer. I made a mistake I knew better than, but I also have reestablished my mantra and I actually wrote down the places I have gotten superior service or help from. I did exactly this same thing when I and my Performance Motorsports Manager worked to help customers fast Woodhouse Viper/SRT and Performance ( we did a lot of Ford Stuff too ).

A quick primer if you are having issues with companies getting parts or advice is listed below:
1. If they constantly tell you the person you need is in a meeting, find another company no one is in a meeting all the time. Easy to read when they do not get back to you.
2. Find someone who has been at the Company a long time so you are not asking a new hire for important parts or mods.
3. If you find yourself constantly sending in emails or leaving phone messages with no response , move on ( even more frustrating if parts are ordered ).
4. If the company promotes ease of returns and covering their mistakes, yet in reality it is a trial to even get them to acknowledge you or the problem, scratch them off forever.
5. Put a company at the top of the list if they get back with you always -- even if it is a quick note to let you know they are busy and will need to contact you the following day.
6. The companies that will offer help even when you have not made a decision on a purchase , should be cherished, and be courteous and do not keep them on the line for too long.
7. Use your head and realize the lowest price often has the lowest pay for employees, and you might as well lower your expectations.
8. Competitive pricing with conscientious and learned advice will almost always save you time and mistakes ---- you get to the track on time.

Kudos to:
1. Capaldi Racing --- they virtually always get back with folks!
2. Vorshlag -- same situation and if Terry does not get back with you he has a staff that has longevity ( they know the products ).
3. TireRack -- Luke Pavlik has been there 20+ years, races like us ( currently was in the One Lap of America ) and he knows what the new hot product is and if the hype is real or something else is better for your application.
4. Maximum Motorsports -- not a Sponsor , yet this small company is San Luis Obispo, Ca. is always great at getting back with inquiries from future or current customers.

Sorry, I felt needed to write this as did not follow my own advice and I paid the penalty.You are the customer, your money is being spent, and you deserve folks who respect that you have a choice and want your business.


TMO Addict?
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10-20 Years
Had a couple of interesting experiences on my last road trip. Pulled my RV trailer with my F150 from Minnesota to Arizona. Misplaced my spare key for the F150. No big deal. I'll stop by a Ford dealer and get a key cut and programmed.
First dealer, visit service dept, nope, have to go buy a key from the parts dept, have it cut, then bring it to us and we will program the key to your truck. I slip over to the parts dept only to find out the employee is brand new, doesn't know how to cut a key, but the Ford rep will be helping him out tomorrow. He takes my name and number and will call me tomorrow, no call, swing by the dealer two days later, same parts guy, still doesn't know how to cut a key, doesn't even know if he has a key. Time to move on.
Week later, a little farther down the road and another dealer. Stopped at the parts counter, showed him the key for my 2018 F150, he's never seen a key like that before and sends me to service dept. Service desk response to my request for a replacement key? You need to see parts dept, they handle replacement keys. Time to move on.
Now I understand why keyless ignitions are so popular. Finished my trip with one key and now I need to toss the home for my spare key.
Now that I think about this I should have came home thru Nebraska and stop in at a dealer recommend by Bill🤔
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