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Camber Bolts

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#LS-378 - So many Porsche's, so little time....
I've just completed installing the FR500C front LCA's and P springs in my front end. When just the P Springs were installed, my max camber setting went from a -2.2 to a -2.5. A good thing. However, and as expected, once I installed the LCA's which (amongst other things) correct the geometry of the front end, my max camber is now only at a -2.0. My assumption is that I'm going to ripping the inside edge of my left front tire even more than before, so "hog out the holes for the camber bolts" here we come. I'd liek to dial in -3.0 degrees.

Has anyone done this with legit eccentric camber bolts and if so which ones ?

Have tried it before without the eccentric bolts in the past. Would also be interested.

Hogging out the holes and using stock bolts, it will move without welding up the hole. Been there done that. Got away with it a couple times for a short SCCA AS race's on the Fox and SN95's. We carried lots of new Strut Bolts and nuts, as if we reused the old ones they would eventually get loose a lot quicker. Not the ideal way to roll, but it worked in a jamb.

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