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"Check Fuel Fill Inlet" Message...

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I got this message on the dash display after tracking my Boss yesterday. I started with about 7/8 of a tank, and finished session with a little over half a tank. Car is running fine, but message remains on display until I hit "Reset". Any thoughts or ideas?
Started getting this after the dealer changed the fuel gauge sender unit yesterday. Got it every time I'd start the car, up until a road trip to Napa Valley. Seems to have stopped for now.
I'm not geting any CEL or MIL, and now the message has gone away. I filled the car today and still no message. I may be taking the car in soon anyway because I can faintly hear a sound that is very hard to describe under acceleration, sort of like something may be loose under hood. This should be fun to describe to the dealer service techs, and I shudder to think of the test drive they will do to duplicate the noise...

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