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Clutch smell

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Hey all,

I've been noticing a bit of a smell at times after a drive, when I get out of the car. I'm thinking it's clutch smell but I'm not entirely sure. The first day I had to get used to the clutch a bit (it had been 10 years since I touched a stick car) but now I'm driving it perfectly smooth. I definitely don't 'ride the clutch' or stay on it for longer than necessary.

So I'm wondering, is this smell normal because it's brand new or is something else going on? It's not a really strong smell but it's definitely there at times.
Since you're a little rusty with a manual I wouldn't worry about it. ;) Besides it's got a warranty.
5 DOT 0 said:
Since you're a little rusty with a manual I wouldn't worry about it. ;) Besides it's got a warranty.

Yeah it's mostly gone now after just 3 days so I'm not worried I'm burning it up. Was just wondering whether anyone else had any kind of smell when it was brand new.

Also, I know there's warranty but suppose someone would drive it like an idiot for a long time and burn the clutch completely, would that be covered? Wouldn't that be considered 'abusive usage'?
Aren't clutches wear items?

If you were driving it rough, it can take a few days for the smell to go away.

Fords also sometimes have a phantom "clutch" smell when new, smells just like clutch but comes from the tailpipe and it happens on autos too. I suspect it is one of the glues or sealants they use, and my service guy suspects the same (my sister's car had it so bad I made he pull over when I was following her home from picking it up because I thought my clutch was burning from the smell driving behind her).

I also had a clutch stink for a little while, went away after I bled the clutch. It was also dragging and causing the shifting issues I suspect, as they went away at the same time.
hotstart302 said:
I'll chime in a little. Mine had the same thing. It was gone after 150 to 200 miles. I think it was that crap they coat the exaust with.

It's gone now for me. It gradually went away so I guess the exhaust coating theory seems right. No more weird smells for me :)


Save the dawn for your dishes!!!
mine had it too. figured if it was the clutch slipping it would show its face eventually. stopped doing it after two or so weeks of driving.
How new? Mine smelled a little off for the first couple months after parking it in the garage, but that was only a few hundred miles (bad weather :( ) and it is much better now. But it pretty much went away after I tracked it and then bled the clutch. Now it doesn't normally smell different from any other performance car. I also tend to grandma the last mile or so to let the car calm down, as per my old oil cooled turbo days.
CaliMR said:
Go drive it more ;D

Got it Monday, been very busy, and have had a streak of terrible weather. Was great for 2 months, and the day I get the car we moved into some sort of funky rain weather pattern. Got to really drive it for the first time yesterday.

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