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Continental Take Offs (Staggered Setup)

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This may or may not be a redundant post but one which some could have questions, including myself. Any information and or suggestions are welcomed.

I've noticed several members order and get take offs from race teams or some type of connection. Is there any chance we could get those names or contact information for those of us interested in used take offs?

Come winter, I am planning on buying my first set of used Continental take offs and will be eager to try them out on the track. But the question I have is what size of tires is best for my current setup? Most posts I've found relate to a square set up.

Currently I run Enkei 18x9.5 in the front and Enkei 18x10.5 in the rear. So what would be best for me on tires? Going to a square setup is not in the picture right now......prefer to remain staggered for the time being.

I apologize if this has been covered already but I had not such luck finding a true answer throughout the boards. Or I didn't look good enough.

Thank you for any help provided.
IMO buy the (now) 500 buck Grand Am ticket, pal around with some race teams, it costs 10-20 bucks to get rid of old tires at the track, offer them 10-20 bucks for the old take offs, load them in truck. Coat them with a traction enhancer, turn them inside out and have fun. I usually bring tires back from the races on the "southern swing" but they take up a lot of space.
I think "Yellow Boss" has a source as well, where do you live?
Usually it's the shipping that kills you, if you're an enthusiast you're probably going to spring for the Grand Am ticket anyway, the tires you can sometime scrounge for free (at the races). and put them in you pickup.
I have bought tires at the track from Dean and others. Like Blacksheep said if you get the chance to go to the races talk with the guys on the race teams when they are not busy. They are normal people doing a job, it is not like NASCAR where you can not get to talk to the teams. Roush would not sell tires directly at the track but sold them to others to re-sell but I know of one member here that was able to speak with the tire guy and walked away with two sets.

The tires I have now came from Racers Edge, it saves them the turn in fee and helps the team out a little. Every dollar from the tires I sell goes 100% to the team, in turn I am able to use some of them. Shipping is the problem as stated, 60-90 per two tires taped together if you do not have an account.

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