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Corvette Stingray is New National Sponsor of HOD

This is pretty cool. David, Gordon and the rest of the Hooked on Driving team have announced that the Corvette Stingray is the new National sponsor of HOD. So what does this mean for us Mustang guys? HOD will still run their events as they always have but there will be new Stingrays at most of their events in 2014 and participants will be able to get rides on track in them and possibly drive them. The details of how to be qualified to drive one on track are still be worked on but I think if you're qualified as intermediate and above you should be good to go. I know I look forward to taking a new Stingray for a few laps around one of my local tracks at a HOD track day this year.

From HOD's official announcement:

"The C7 Corvette Stingray, backed by a very passionate management team at Chevy, has stepped up to serve as Official Sponsor of Hooked On Driving.

Eight shiny new Corvette Stingrays are scheduled for production in two weeks, putting these cars in demo service at HOD events in each Region by mid-March. Is this going to change HOD? Absolutely not! We are car nuts through and through. You will always be welcome at HOD – in a Simca, a Subaru, Porsche or Bimmer, Mustang or Ferrari – whatever you drive, bring it on and have a blast. But Chevy has reached out to the HOD grass roots and put their star in the midst of us informed performance car aficionados.

Look forward to opportunities to ride, and for the HOD qualified, DRIVE the Corvette Stingray on track – courtesy of the partnership between Chevrolet and your Region Owners."

And the official press release:;_ylt=AwrSyCM8vvNSBG8ARvGTmYlQ


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