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COTA fyi

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Now that would be fun. A bit of a drive for me though.


Nice! Would be very cool. Although there are a couple of hairpin turns that might require a downshift into 2nd for the boss to crawl through! lol


Too Hot for the Boss!
$700... hmm, might have to think about that. I'll most likely be there in March with BMWCCA (Texas Tri-Chapters coming together for the event).... we'll see what happens.

FWIW, I've heard (we all know if it is on the internet it HAS TO BE TRUE!) that COTA will NOT rent out the entire track, and that a shortened form of the track is what we (as clubs) are able to run.

Also, NASA is looking at 2014 at COTA as their 2013 bids were 'denied'.
just saw a guy on dfwmustangs posted he paid 850 for a 3 day event at COTA. Its being done through

They do have the dates listed on thier site feb 1-3, but that seems like a big chunk of change for me to go.
Hi All:

I'm the owner of MVP Track Time, the organization running the COTA event February 1-3, 2013. The COTA event is sold out, but we do have reserve list and we may look at a 2nd COTA date in 2013. If you'd like to get on the February reserve list for COTA drop me an e-mail at [email protected].

You are welcome to visit our web site to see our entire 2013 schedule (so far). Happy Motoring!

Mark "Feff" Pfeffer

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