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darreng505 @ VIR

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Weather permitting (which it currently does not look up to temp).
Originating event thread:
Darren, what is this and why is it in the general forum?


I created an event in calendar and it created this topic automatically. I didn't notice if I could choose the board it goes in. Sorry.
Trying to correct it now.


I edited the event in calendar, but can't see how to select what board it gets auto-posted to. Is it a configuration on the admin side Rick?

EDIT: Ok, I see it on create new event now. Missed it first time. You can only select it when the event is created the first time.


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Smilieboy said:
What is the lowest temp we are allowed to run in?

If you run below 35 degrees the best tire I suggest is a worn or shaved down winter snow tire with a VR speed rating. The tread compound is designed to stay softer in cold temps. Regular high performance street tires, R Comps or race slicks will not build heat in the carcass or tread and you will skate around dangerously. Most race tires have compounds that crack below 40 degrees and will not be as safe or reliable even when it gets warm again. Should always store race tires in heated space during the winter, my stacks are in the basement.


Smilieboy said:
What is the lowest temp we are allowed to run in?

I think if its below 48 they will cancel the event. Current forecast is well below 48.


Does anyone know where i can get a set of those formula 1 tire cozies they use to heat their tires?
Right now, I do not plan on cancelling the event. I know the temps say 36 degrees but it is still too early to tell and as long as it isn't raining/snowing, getting a sunny track weekend is hard to get. Bring a sweatshirt and leave the suntan lotion at home! I remember, our first track day in MI and the very first one we did, we ran in the light snow/rain, it was definitely a test of will but it was fun. However, I am not suggesting that here, I ws just saying what happened in 2000.

We do have the "right" to cancel the event if the temps are below 48 degrees but as long as we have participants that want to run, it will be a go. I heard on the Bimmer boards they run when the temps are cold all the time and didn't understand the weather clause at all..

P.S. If you plan to eat dinner with us on either Friday or Saturday nights, please post in the forums or shoot me an e-mail. Just as an aside, you'll get to see the Holman/Moody Mustang going out on track for testing and tuning all weekend long and you'll get to chat with Lee Holman himself and listen to him on Saturday night during dinner. We are also working on a nother special guest for the weekend but i cannot say who it is until we know his schedule will allow.



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I run at LRP @ 40 degrees and slush on the track that is removed just before the first event. You just need to be a bit more careful, especially if someone drops oil.


Ferrari? LOL ;D

Found a good suggestion to make my own tire 'cozies'.

You don't need to spend a lot on tire blankets, or buy some expensive thing from a racers catalog....

Go to Lowes, and you will find aluminum backed bubble stuff they call "Reflectix" insulation, it costs $25 for 25 feet of 2 foot width, less for the 16 inch width and more ($41) for the four foot width. Figure out how much you need and make four covers. Make them about 25 inches tall with a 13 inch top radius, kinda like a upside down U when viewing from the side, make them about 15 inches deep. The stuff cuts fine with scissors, and it is real easy to work with...The end piece can just be duct taped into place or you can scrunch the corners and stapel it, or they have special tape to use on the stuff that will hold even better. Just slide them in from the outside and they will work fine. If you want to get really sexy you can put flappy kind of backs on them, but I don't think anybody bothers with that anymore.

We use them between runs all year if we are running in first heat, to keep the heat in the tires between first and second runs, or if it looks like it is going to be a long time between runs.

Really a set of tire covers are a basic necessity if you are autocrossing on race tires in any climate other than maybe California or Arizona....

Just make up a set and get it over with, if you are running real tires this is probalby the cheapest thing you can do that will extend the usefulness of your tires....

Thoughts on this?

btw. I called Ferrari and got their answering


Now there's snow in the forecast. That might be the deathknell for this event....sigh


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Definitely some snow for the drive down on Friday. I haven't been able to get any specifics on time of day to expect it or quantity expected. Driving in a dusting, I can handle...snowstorm, definitely not. Hope it's more on the dusting side. Anyone have insight on this?
Weather channel is just saying periods of snow but not giving accumulation totals as of yet. I'm thinking it won't be much accumulation or they would be talking about it more. You know how they love to hype snowfall in VA.


The temps for Saturday are dropping, so the concern would be moisture freezing on (or in) track from Friday's "mixed" precipitation. Sadly, I'm gonna have to pass on this event and it wasn't an easy decision.

What's even more frustrating is that its expected to be 60* the following Tuesday.....sigh.


LostPony said:
@darreng505, have you checked this thread? Tony has a couple options, including a much later run time on Saturday.

Interesting. Maybe I will go down just for Sunday then. It's a 4 hour drive for me.

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