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Do it yourself clear bra

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I am not sure if it was on this forum but awhile ago someone posted a picture of his car wrapped in what looked like 3M clear film but it was only temporary for an upcoming Trackday or long drive. Anyone here?


Everyone's entitled to my opinion. ;)

Is this the web site/product you were thinking about? If so, contact these folks to see if this product specifically addresses your application.

Good Luck,



Everyone's entitled to my opinion. ;)
Polaristxguy said:
Better option! Easy to apply and remove
Don't see the advantage of this product and I'm unsure how it addresses original post. Could you explain?

No it actually works to protect much like a clear bra. The best part is little to no prep (4-5 spray coats) and peels off with no residue. If you are looking to protect against chips it works well as long as you coat the car correctly and comes in multiple colors. It it's just for track days black works.

Just another option and no need to worry about leaving it on to long
It isn't hard to get out of the crevices? I have used the plastidip tool stuff and it was pretty nasty, but it wasn't with a sprayer. Used it on cheap tools that don't have grips.


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I've used this product with good success:

You can leave it on for quite a while, maybe indefinitly. When I bought my LS I put it on the headlights and it's still there 7 months later with no ill effects. If you take your time you can get it on smooth like a clearbra but the texture is nowhere as clear and reflective as a clearbra. One good thing about it is it stretches very well so it's easy to get around corners and over hills and valleys in the hood and fenders. It's also fairly thick so it appears to give a high level of protection.

Here's a pic of it on at VIR last year. The wrap comes in 8" widths if I remember correctly so it needs to be applied in layers for wider/deeper areas. At first this sounds like a negative but actually it makes it easier to apply than a single wide sheet becuase the backing, as easy as it is to come off, is very sticky.


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