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driver killed at drag strip

Sorry to hear about this but if you don't think the track is safe don't race on it..
That's horrible news. This is a good reminder to be safe out there. Our sport is dangerous and this could happen to any of us. RIP

Doing some more research on this, it appears that the old wooden guardrail supports tore up allowing the guardrail to collapse and folding over turning it into a knife. Unfortunately this (almost) same thing happened to a friend of mine's kid, the guardrail folded, cut the car in half (with his son) , the passenger undid the seat belt and walked away...This should have been a relatively minor accident.
That sucks. Just a guy out to have fun with his GT500.

I'm really happy that the road course I run has zero guardrails, and minimal concrete barriers. You can slide 100 feet off in many places with no repercussions. I shudder when I see GoPro video of some tracks. It is one thing to be a sponsored racer and going 100% for a living on a track that is questionable, but for someone just out for a 1/4 mile time or lapping day, some tracks seem to me to be a heartache waiting to happen. Road America? No thanks.

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