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Dyno and which gear

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Hey all,

I just did a few dyno pulls on my car mostly in 4th gear on a dynojet (did one in 5th but the car was getitng heat soaked by then). Should the dyno pulls be done in 5th gear? My best uncorrected value was 383.9 rwhp... This is with ~ 1400 miles on the odo.

- Frank
I believe 5th gear is a 1 to 1 ratio in these transmissions, so that would be the gear to do a dyno pull. As far as I know, all dyno runs should be done in whichever gear is a 1 to 1 ratio.
man. your a/f ratio its tits on....5 hp differance from the gear change is about right and i have seen some cars dyno in the mid 340 torque range.

id say your right on for where it should be.
What is "tits on?" ??? The hp numbers were a little low compared to Gary's. Then again the car doesn't have very many miles on it.
Every dyno is different, and temps and humidity can move the numbers a bit even on the same dyno. For instance, my Evo made 40 less hp than my friend's Evo when he had his on a Dynojet and I had mine on a Mustang dyno but on the track they were neck and neck. I wouldn't worry about it being a couple hp lower than what someone else got on a different dyno on a different day. Acceleration timing is a more accurate way to compare car-to-car though you have to be on a track to open these cars up enough to do that.
Conventional thinking and the thousands of cars
Ive tuned all make max power in the 13.1-13.3 range on air fuels
Thats in a n/a application

Blowers turbos exotic fuels are differant of course

Ur car on 91-93 octane is showing perfect for me anyways
Air fuel ratios

Thats tits on.
fduboss302 said:
What is "tits on?" ??? The hp numbers were a little low compared to Gary's. Then again the car doesn't have very many miles on it.
I also have Corsa Extremes, no side discs and the K&N filter which may be good for about 10-15hp combined.


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Your dyno operator also gave you the most "honest" settings for a Dyno jet. SAE correction and smoothing 5 is conservative graphing which keeps the numbers slightly lower but in my opinion more accurate. 386 is right at average on stock Boss dyno jet numbers I have seen.
The car should loosen up a little as the engine, trans and rear all wear in and you may gain 5-7 more RWHP after 5000 miles.

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