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dyno pulls today

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Save the dawn for your dishes!!!
took it to the dyno today to do data logging pulls for shaun at AED. its not the same dyno I used before (that shop is now closed owners murdered someone) but here is the graph
engine mods are steeda boss cai/arh long tube headers and off road x-pipe/mf comp cat back and 93 octane

this is the last pull made on e85 with cai and mf catback to compare against.


Save the dawn for your dishes!!!
That's impressive. You forget to list your AED tune. ;) When's your next trip to the drag strip? I'm curious how this impacts your times and trap speed.
yeah this was on a 93 octane aed drag tune (he turns off tcs/advanced track and abs)

I hope to go in sept once I get moved to indy. got a place picked out and its only a 20 min drive to the 1/4" :)


Save the dawn for your dishes!!!
steveespo said:
Very nice right where it should be, one comment, if you are going to pull to 8000 then you need the CJ Intake, 25 more RWHP and a full curve to 7750.
yeahi would like that but that's a pricey upgrade plan to supercharge it later so for now I'm happy with it as is :)


Mustang owner since 84
Re: dyno pulls today

Nice numbers, but I'm still faster then you :). >:D...
Had to bust your balls. Hahahahaha


Save the dawn for your dishes!!!
Re: Re: dyno pulls today

unrealford said:
When is your next chance for the track?

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when ever i get a break in my life to make it and the weather correlates with it as well. probably wont be till sept once i get to indy

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