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First Track Day for my Boss TWS 2.9 checklist

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Well I'll be back on track in the Texas heat for the first time since SCCA Sport Renault switched to Ford power in the SCCA, yes decades. August 19th at TWS will be hot. My LS has almost 15,000 miles. What should I do first and formost to keep the car cool as I relearn driving?
My plans are belts, fluids and pads. What do you like for pads you can run on the street? The car was missing the trans scoop and brake duct kit. I found a brake duct kit here, but it isn't on yet. I haven't added a 302s grill. The car is stock & clean. I haven't installed the Watson roll bar yet.
Has anyone here tried the steeda jack rails? I like the idea that they are longer and bolt on. They would weigh more that the jack pads. Not a cooling tip, but I need to get under the car and fix the front splitter, it drug backing out of a driveway and now the front fascia is a bit off. My spare LS wheels came with some Hankooks(better than my OE tires). I was planning on getting a third set of wheels for track day tires, but time is fleeting.


Install an oil cooler, plenty of ideas in the how-to thread (minus a lot of great pics thanks to photobucket:( )
Replace the grill with a billet bar, or I've got a Saleen. The more open the better. The 302S grill isn't much better than the stock grill for air flow. Put a honeycomb/nomex on radiator to protect from rocks/tire boogers.,3545.html
Aeroforce gauge mounted in a Roush gauge pod for the left AC vent - you can monitor cylinder head temp with it.
Get a trans cooling scoop and brake duct kit.
Brake pads - lots of opinions. Front - I run PFC01 or 08 on track and switch to their street pad. Rears are Carbotech 08 for street and track.
VoodooBoss and others like Pagid pads, and can run the same pad on track and street--not sure which number.
I have Kenny Brown jacking rails welded in and really like them--can put a jack or stand anywhere I want. Several good choices, and some made by our members, so look into those too.
My latest tires are Hankook R-S4, lots of grip for a street tire.
Have fun at the track. A silver LS is pretty rare out there.
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Agree with the suggestions above. I would put brake ducts and pads at the top of the list. Also running PFC08.

I'm using Mike @06mach1 jack pads. Really convenient for getting one side up at a time for wheel changing at the track.

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