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FJD Performance's Stealth Mare

Whatsup guys and gals,

New to the site and probably one of the few people here with a track stang older than a S197. I have a 1997 GT that i have been building over the last 5+ years for open track and occasionally doing some autocross too. Originally bought the car bone stock from the original owner, so i know exactly whats been done to her. Will try to get more pics and details of the car up later, but if you're feeling a tad impatient feel free to check out !

at the end of June the Mare and myself found our way making a road trip half way across the states to Kenner, LA to install my freshly built WAP 2V. The trip was super fun and memorable, and totally worth it since i have an engine that is making nearly twice the power at the wheels as it was in rather stock form. I had gotten the dyno done on a dynapack and she made 197RWHP, and about a week ago i got her tuned by the man himself, Matt of Caliber Customs in Madera, CA and she put down 319RWHP on a mustang dyno (which is roughly 350RWHP on a dynojet for NASA).

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Love all your posts and since you wandered clear out to Kenner, La. to get work done omg the Mare, I feel I should give you a reason to come play in Nebraska this September --- heh, it is alot closer than Kenner, La.,ha ?! Sept.12-15 is the Mustang Roundup at Hastings, Ne. and besides Instruction for some, there are Time Trials and a road course Autocross, so tons of stuff in your wheelhouse. I know many TMO members would love to see the magnificent beast you wrangle around the track!? Heh, everyone thinks I am nuts when I invite folks from as far away as you ( California ) , but we have had a drivers come from New York, Arizona, Idaho, and Canada in the past. When you consider that we have 3-8 folks from Ford drive down from Dearborn, it is evident this is a great event that many folks are willing to take to the roads to attend. Consider it, we had 11 TMO faithful at the event last year and we want to get close to 20 this year ------VoodooBoss is coming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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