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For those that have driven on Thunder hill

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That's pretty cool and not a bad lap time considering there's no driver! I'm also happy to report that I'm much faster than Shelley in my Boss. ;D

What do you usually run there? I think I ran in the 2:12 range going over the top, as I was pulling pretty good on my friend who had a timer and was running 2:16 in his GT3RS.
Nice. I have seen other Bosses there while running the E30 but always forget to ask about times. The GT3RS guy has taken a few classes since last time, so I'm sure he is going to blow by me next time. I've found that in all 3 cars I have run there, I ended up being within a few seconds despite being very different types of cars. The Evo my best was high teens, E30 is like 2:15, Boss is 2:12ish best guess. I was actually faster in the E30 at Sears than the Boss, I think I was worried about balling up the car.
I hear you about Sonoma. I don't push it going into the carousel as I know many cars have crashed there on HPDE days. I feel a lot better pushing it at TH where you have plenty of run off room. BTW when I was there a couple of weeks ago a guy driving a 458 Challenge car said he was putting down 1:55 lap times and was hitting 145 on the straight. He was flying.
THill? That is flying. I let one of my friends take my Evo out for a couple laps at Sears one time and his times made me look like I was in a push cart. He keeps asking me to take the Boss out, but I keep telling him to wait until I have the ducts installed and figure out the shifter issue. When he does, I'll time it so we have a goal to shoot for. He has several records at THill and Sears. I would guess under 2:00 in stock configuration, as he is almost 10 seconds faster than me in an E30.
Nice to see a Ferrari that is being driven hard. Most of the people I know with them just let them sit. If I had the money, I'd own one ;D

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