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For you fellows who have been to Track Attack in Utah.............

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There are 4 or 5 car rental places right at the airport,good prices on some too.My wife and me stayed for a week to do some sight seeing,beautiful scenery .The wasatch mountian range surrounds the area.
Most of the major rental companies are located on site at the airport. Deplane, pick your luggage and find the nearest help desk. They can direct you to the rental car area with ease. It is across from the terminal on site; two minute walk at best.
I'll be there this week, track day is the 12th and found the best rate at thrifty car rental. although I have some random small car, which wasn't important to me and it comes to $84 for three days after the tax and fees. I use the discount found on the boss track attack page.
I'll be using my insurance from one of my cars per my insurance rep. Maybe see ya there if your staying for a few extra days.

I stayed in Tooele, Utah at the American Inn suites (the new wing was recommended) as the other Inns there were full and the it is 10 minutes from the track which I would recommend staying in Toole.
Thanks Gentlemen!

I arrive on the 8th, and fly home on the 10th. I had to make it a quick trip, as I was in SC and FL all last week shooting new guns, and have to go to AZ for more shooting in a week or so.

I rented a V6 Mustang from Avis at the airport.

Also, I stayed at the Residence Inn by the airport (there's a whole cluster of hotels right there - you exit the airport, get on the interstate, and then get right off, and the hotels are all there). If I had to do it over again, I'd have probably stayed in Tooele - cut down on the back and forth miles with the dinner the night before and then the track day.

Regardless of logistics though, you'll have a blast.
I stayed at the Radisson by the airport because Ford offered a discount. The staff was very courteous and the breakfast was very good to be complementary. As far the car rental I purchased online through enterprise and got a 2011 Nissan Altima for just over $100 for 3 days. Enjoy your trip!
Thrifty Rental cars is an official partner with Miller Motorsports and offers a 12% discount for anyone attending a Miller Motorsports function/event.

Here is the link to the discount info:
When I attended BTA in July, I stayed at the Hampton Inn in Tooele. Nice rooms and very close to the track. Did not find too many places to eat in Tooele, however, you will be glad you stayed closer to the track....

Also recommend going early and see this absolutely huge, deep, and very awesome copper mine. It's open until 10/28.
I stayed at the Radisson in SLC and it's a pretty good hotel. My only complaint was my bourbon at the Hotel bar was definitely a Utah pour. The drive to track was fine, all highway, nice scenery and less than 30 minutes.
I also stayed in Tooele (Best Western, nice and quiet). I liked being close to the track. About a ten minute drive or less. Tooele has mostly fast food joints, but there were a couple family style places also. Just look up and down the main drag.

I took a drive up the Middle Canyon Road out of Tooele to a look out point near the top of one of those mountains. Great view, but my rental just didn't have what it takes to get me to the top as it had no power at altitude. There were lots of switch back type curves and no guard rails.

You can also take a longer drvie out to the Bonneville Salt Flats. Took my rental out for a quick spin on the salt. It cost me almost 7 bucks in quarters to wash that salt off the rental car. That stuff is like glue or gum. Definetly wouldn't take the Boss out there.

Got back today, drove on track yesterday. What a blast!
Stayed at the airport Hyatt Place. very nice.
Somewhere between Nashville airport security and SLC, I lost my driver's license, so no one would rent me a car.
Ashley at Miller Motorsports was super nice, and she came to the hotel and picked me up for the reception. I rode back with another fellow and his two sons who were staying at the same hotel, and then rode with them again on track day. i will go tomorrow and get another driver's license.


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