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Ford $1000 Financing Cash Back question

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So I was looking to buy a new car from Ford and they have a $1000 Cash back for financing through them. Questions:

1) I was told by one dealer I had make 3 payments before refinancing or they would take the $1000 back (charge me)
2) I was told by another dealer I could pay it off immediately with no penalty.

Anyone know for sure what the details of this off is in regards to paying it off? Thanks.
I did this on my truck. I was told the same thing as #1. I just financed the min amount, paid 90% immediately, and then the other 10% at 91 days. I didn't check into it any further and just did this to be safe and there was no issues.

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I just bought a truck on Friday and I was told you had to make 3 payments to get the financing rebate. After that you could refinance through another institution or pay off the balance of the vehicle.
Both of 150's I paid for at signing but financed the minimum amount. When the first payment was due I paid in full. Did not effect the rebate. I think they tell you the three payment thing because Ford gives them a hard time of sorts when they finance a car and know the person plans to pay it right off. Maybe after three payments they do not hear from Ford.
The official answer I finally got was you need to make one Payment. I guess if you pay it off in that one payment, then you will be ok. I was told that it affects how much the dealer gets if the three payments are not made, so that is why they say you need to make three. So I will make the one payment and then do what I need to do. Thanks for all the responses.

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