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Ford messed up my rim an oil change fiasco

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To start, Mike the service manager at Freehold Ford is awesome - Took her in for an oil change - and a tps light from the tire they changed last month. It was the valve stem and told them it was lifting.

I show the tech the lift points - bad feeling already.

Had to proove the BOSS takes 5w50 with the supplemental and 8.5qts not 7- 2nd alarm when he says its the same as any other Mustang.

Takes off the filter and spills oil everywhere and i mean EVERYWHERE. I go get Mike and he and the the tech have a few words. Enter 2nd tech to take over -

Nice guy finished the change degreases and cleanse up the mess completely while tech no1 goes and fixes my tire

Goes to put the tire on and on the silver sidewall of the rim theres a gouge in the middle around the entire rim....

Go get mike and hes like holy shiznit WTF - calls the owner in tells him about the whole deal, that ive purchaced 3 cars there serviced there etc.

End of the day - new Rim and 2 back tires, next 5 oil changes are for free - oh yea todays change was for free as well as the stem fix.

End Rant - so should i go back in the future for service ? never had an issue but this tech was a complete fucktard - or trust my instinct and just bring it to Downs Ford motor sports - 30 miles away

I know shiznit happens but im usually a one and done guy and don't give too many 2nd chances

I don't think the guy that f''d up your rim is working there anymore. But if you did decide to go back I would definitely find a front row seat and have a canned air horn ready.
I'm glad to give someone a second chance if they've earned it, but that place would make me nervous as hell. I might go back for one of the freebie oil changes with the strict provision that Mike oversees all the work performed. They need to treat your car like a Boss and not a beater F150.

I also own a Plum Crazy Dodge Challenger with a white interior. The service manager at the Dodge dealership knows how anal I am about that car, and he personally drives it on and off the hoist when I get an oil change. No tech is allowed in my car. This was his idea, and it goes to show that there are people out there who can provide good service and are willing to take a few minutes out of their day to do so. I'm hoping the Ford dealership will be just as careful with my Boss.
yea true im really anal about my BOSS. I'm a really relaxed guy but today i went from 0 to bat shiznit crazy in 4.9. it was just the techs demeanor, like meeeeh ah well - never saw him before - maybe he was a Saturday loaner tech ???

I got rock chips and a swirl here an there - a lil rub on the recaro from the belt but techs with this kind of ethic just hit that - DIE MFer nerve i got in me :p

welp its drizzling here most of the day so im gonna go pound posts for the fence im puttin up - ill repost when im chill - damn irish blood

The dealer and Mike seem to back their work and they sure know how much your car means to you now if they didn't before. I am pretty sure you forced them to step up their game when you show up. I think you will get top notch service going forward. If you change shops you may need to start over and not be so lucky next time.
LP Heaven said:
End Rant - so should i go back in the future for service ? never had an issue but this tech was a complete fucktard - or trust my instinct and just bring it to Downs Ford motor sports - 30 miles away

I know shiznit happens but im usually a one and done guy and don't give too many 2nd chances



I would sing praises about the way they take care of their customers.

Bad help is bad help.

The owner and service manager would get five stars the way they made good.


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Agree with Roush F150,

Mike and the owner went the extra step and cost themselves plenty of money to keep you happy and satisfied as a customer. They showed they value your business and wanted to rectify an uncomfortable situation for you and them both. Most would not have gone to the degree they did , so I also think they will have stepped up their game and very unlikely Mr. Sloppy is still around !!!
I would feel more comfortable going there again being they took damn good care of you and who knows what else youll get free ;D
Hey Guys,

Yes, I agree 100% with you guys. Mike and the service dept there has always been top notch and whenever I bring my Edge, mitsu DD and Crown Vic, I bring a Doz. doughnuts and a box O joe for the boys ;D

I know they'll make things right, but when "Mr. Sloppy" haha - was deisrespecting my baby, I felt like somone made a pass at my wife ROFL

I'm just really passionate, as most are I assunme, about this amazing automobile - almost as much as my lost 1967 that unfortunately died of rust cancer.

Have a great day !

PS - I hungout for a bit in the 2013 gt500 white vert w/ red stripes- they were saying "hey, trade the BOSS for this" - haha no freaking way !


2012 #552
It's good that they took care of what the tech messed up, and as long as Mike works there sounds like you would be okay. I have a Ford dealer about 1/2 mile from my house but take the Boss to a different dealer that is about 30 miles away. Even though it's a further away I know this dealer and the guy I ask for to work on the Boss is a big Mustang fan so I know he will take care of it. Also they let me hang out in the shop so I can see everything that is going on and not in some boring customer waiting area. :)

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