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FR 500 C

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I just bought 2007 FR 500. I wanted a 302 S but the price was right for this car. I plan on keeping my LS for now unless someone in looking to get one . I also have some parts from the LS which I'm going to part with I shall post them in the classified adds later. ;D
Nice, was it a local one?

Are you going to run this weekend at PBIR or Sebring the week after? I am thinking about PB to finish off the tires and put a fresh set on for Sebring. There will be at least one other LS at PB.
Nice!! Do they have door windows on those. I've only seen the windows down and wasn't sure. Might sound like a stupid question but figured they wouldn't to save on weight.
That's a great looking FR500. Is it a track toy or are you going to race it?
bigman18 said:
Scca Pbir end of the month!

I'll try to stop by for that. There are a lot of racer in town with St Pete coming up, Larry Miller is testing a new Boss 302S at Homestead this weekend and others like Rehagen are running the 302R down there.

Also Henry told me they are looking into getting a Boss 302R to run Grand Am.

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