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Frozen Rotors Just Arrived

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I just got my DBA 5000 rings and 4000 rears back from Diversified Cryogenics (Frozen Rotors) 8) I also ordered a set of Frozen Rotors front slotted rotors for $153.65 each to give them a try. Bill told me they hold up just as well as the DBAs on his M3 but they weigh 4.6 pounds more per rotor.

I have previously used this burnishing procedure (not pad bed-in) for my rotors:

Frozen Rotors has this process on their site:

I'm curious what others are doing.

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LateApex said:
Those are flippin beautiful, man. Here's hoping no more cracked rotors for you!
Thanks man me too! I'm hoping these get me through the rest of the season but next up is Road America again so I wasn't going without backups :eek:
I'm looking at their website and don't see any rotors for $153. Do you have a link?
Don't know about bedding in procedure, I use the procedure in the Boss supplement. I have used it on cryo (Powerslot) and non-cryo and have not seen any difference. If you try it let us know how it works out.


cloud9 said:
drano38 said:
Look great Gary!
I need to get ahold of Bill to collect my commission ;)
Many thanks for the heads up on them. Have a great time at Track Attack today. Hope the weather is good!
Glad I could return some help.
Don't get too hopeful until Road America is complete. . .Then we'll know they can hold up to flat-out at RA.
Track Attack was great! Weather was perfect.

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