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Personally I wouldn't go with 4:10's, I'm hitting the rev limiter quick enough as it is. Also, with the linear torque of the motors I don't think it is needed.
With the 3:73s and the Boss transmission the gearing is just about perfect for drag racing. There is a good chance with 4:10s that you would need to shift into fourth in the 1/8 mile and into fifth in the 1/4 mile.


I was wondering how it would be also. The first articles I read about the boss before I bought mine said the were just at the end of 4th when they went thru the traps. Now with a 4:10 gear you would definetly be shifting into 5th but it's the 1;1 gear anyway so no biggie.........more trap speed. But if I were goint to that for drag racing there may be a larger diameter rear tire used anyway. Possibly staying in 4th still. I would wonder how the street driving would be affected with the stock tires........probably wouldnt even use 1st. LOL I like drag racing and have never done any road racing but would the lower ratio help in slowing before the corners requiring less brake pad use?...........idunno just asking.

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