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Gen 1 coyote 2012 GT - Heater core hose replacement with -10 AN

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Hello my precious S197 GT team.. my 2012 GT got a new set of 'pointless but very cool' Radium fuel rails..well i did get to mount a fuel pressure gauge. But now my factory heater hoses and fittings look dank like someone attached random old hoses from a Maytag wash machine found in a landfill. See pics, I'm planning on replacing these eye sore things next time i flush my coolant.

A. I've got these -10AN fittings from Power by the Hour, have you guys seen them?
B. PBTH is out of their hose kit that goes with it so i'm going to have to wait..

Has anyone else swapped these hoses? got any pics? and help appreciated.

Jeff Check



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Columbia, TN
Dang, those are nice fittings. I had my car jacked on one side a few weekends back while doing the brakes and found a small Puddle of coolant under the firewall driverside and then crawled under to see it dripping from a drain hole in the firewall. I think my heater core is dying. I was worried about the plastic fittings cracking doing the job and I might go the full line replacement like you're think of doing. Doesn't stop there though as we'll have to figure out fittings for the other ends of the hoses.

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