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Guess That Car ....

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This is Rehagen's number 59 for the 2013 Grand Am season. Can anyone guess how this 302R started out? $1000 to the first correct guess (1)

First hint: The guys that have been here for over a year may know.


(1) $1000 not payable by me, Void in CA ???
I know, I know, I know. ;D
The 99 in front is Rich Golinello's #1 Boss 302S. Rich pulled off a 216.8 at Sebring today with a tire going down, incredible! He will be running the full Grand Am season now in the 78 Racers Edge Motorsports Boss 302. If any of you are lucky enough to make the races this year stop by say hi and good luck. He is a super nice guy and a class act with the fans.
Yep, fun weekend, besides breaking my starter and left front caliper :( but my car was made into an honorary S 8) There were 3 S's an R and supposedly a white 13 Boss but I never saw that car. The Bosses kick ass in the races, Rich won the 90 min enduro in his class and finished seventh over-all. I will post a few vids later in the racing section.

Berol said:
Nice photos!

Clutch and shifting issues fixed?

Thanks Dan but no, I had same problems with a rebuilt trans using all new parts. 5th gear started giving me problems almost immediately and then 4th started having some lock-out issues. I have a few other pics I will post in the racing section of the cars that made it to Sebring. I am really impressed with the way things went at the last two PBOC events, I hope you can make it in the future.

My fake "S" LOL


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