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Happy Thanksgiving guys

Bill Pemberton

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Ditto , such a great place for track and autocross info, technical data, modifying experiences, camaraderie, food, pizza, car parts and some great Trackrat Sponsors!

Happy to be a member here and my thanksgiving is having found such a genial , knowledgeable group of Mustang Maniacs willing to help all those with the same passion.
One thing my Ma made with turkey left overs and I cherish to this day.......creamed turkey on toast with a dill pickle on the side.......easy to make....throw a can of Campbell's cream of mushroom soup in a pan with some canned or frozen peas with your cut up left over turkey (or chicken in my case this yr)...heat it up and throw on some buttered toast...........Patrick, you done that??
Today,This Holiday, means a lot to me....Thanksgiving.......when I was growing up it just meant Turkey and a long weekend outta I grew older it blossomed into family get togethers...still with the Turkey, of course....but now, as I have approached the last stage of enjoying being here.....Thanksgiving means so much more!.......It's not just Turkey....It's realizing you've been blessed along your journey thru life.....others may have traveled that same road but may have missed a turn or two..............the older you get, the more you realize what you got, and for that I give thanks today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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