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hello from france

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hello to all my present I'm french and I have to buy a aquerire mustang boss 302 # 770 I saw your forum unfortunately what happened to him was mainte she is in good hands and redone it's really a car geniale I usa Thank you for ca terrific car
more in France there are not many ny you can not pass unnoticed and V8 is amazing we have no car like that in France if you ever aver of recommended Please do not hesitate to ask you I probably issue of sorry for my English but there was longtemp day pass came one year dear to you I have the famillle the usa but I've lost a lot of vocabulary in all cases encor thank you for making this car is impressive c :)
Bienvenue sur le site / Welcome to the site

Je suis a Gatineau, Quebec et membre Gatineau Mustang (Facebook et site web) / I live in Gatineau, Quebec and member Gatineau Mustang (Facebook and web site).

A plus tard / Later

Yves Piche
Gatineau, Quebec (National Capital Region)
Welcome to BMO and your English is just fine.
hello thank you for the home I saw that iy also had Canadian c is nice for my english I'm cheating a little I used google translation ;)quick question for you what its benefits and default of the boss 302 d after you?
ok sorry that I wonder is that is what you like about the boss 302 or you don t like it? as brake or suspension or handling ect .... is that it has a weak point?
The clutch and hydraulic system are weak spots but check the general forum for lots of information if you do have issues. Many think it's the tranny but most issues are derived from the clutch. There is a member in Switzerland and a few in Germany and the UK. You never know you might run into one of them someday. Have fun with your Boss!

thank you for the info I would pay attention al fau clutch and that I tried to contact the persones who is the boss 302 in europe

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