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How a Warranty Adjustment Cost Me $500 - Mainly for Gary

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OK, I know this is not really Boss related but we were going off topic on trailers here before. The other day I had the Boss in to adjust the side pipes so to kill time I went for a ride in the new 11 F150's, a 5.0 and the 3.5 SC. Nice trucks, the 3.5 had the towing package plus the max tow package, mirrors and the integrated TBC. Well one hour after I got home I placed an order at Newfordparts. Came in today and really love the new set up. Need to reflash the computer to learn the TBC tomorrow.

Nothing is free I guess :D

Wow that's cool. I always wondered why the TBS was an after-market item on a tow equipped vehicle. Looks like there's a slide to adjusting braking, but also + - buttons. What do they each do? Also looks like a separate "button" next to the - button. Man I'm really liking these new trucks. I teed that up the other day and the wife quickly shot it down. I'll probably have to wait for winter on that one lol.
Mirror are nice, same directional, power and heat but has the puddle lamps also, it is non power telescoping.

The TBC took to seconds to install and what I like is how it fits right in there, much better than hanging something under the dash. I need to re-flash as I said but it gives you a read out in the message center when you are hooked up or not and tells you what setting you are on at each start up or change in setting, I think there are 10 settings. The middle is a slide switch for manual trailer only braking, you can slide it to the left to apply trailer brakes without using the brakes in the truck and it activates the trailer brake light and the two lower truck brake lights. That is great for setting up the amount of brake pressure for the trailer. The last one is just a static post for grip.

The plus and minus are to increase the amount of brake force using the normal truck brakes. It costs a little more then after market controllers but not the real good one. People on the truck forums love these and having it work with the message center is a big plus. I will post some pics when I do the re-flash.

Newfordparts is great, the controller is like 220 and I paid about 170 the mirrors with them were only 144 each plus 15 for shipping.
$220 is not bad and like you said getting the settings in the message display is great. Of course that slide is for applying trailer brakes without the bad. It would be much easier to reach and use mounted there. I really don't like mine hanging under the dash as I do end up kicking it sometimes getting in and out. Mine can also get "out of level" if I bump it and then doesn't work properly until I swivel it back to level. No chance of that with the one you have. What model years does it fit? I assume my '08 is too old, thus another reason to upgrade. That's going to cost me a lot more than $500 Scott!
Yea, I think you would need the 250 controller, re-wire and swap the master to get it in a 08. People are talking about the 3.5 on with great hauling reviews.

I wish I could have waited one more year. The 09-10 (I think) you could only get the controller in the Lariat and higher models from the factory, 11's you can get it in all. I would love to get an 11 but will have to wait, the new bronze is a beautiful color but...

The TBC mount is perfect, you do not need to look at it and can change the setting very easy without taking your eyes off the road, it was well thought out. As for the mirrors I can not say enough good things about them. They are light years ahead of the TT mirrors I had on the Super Duty (99-05). The blind spot mirrors can be used without ever looking into the bigger normal one, they are that nice.

I think I would go with the 3.5 SC, the 5.0 is feels great but the 3.5 is faster. My worry was more about the towing but after reading stories it seems the way to go. Just tell you wife that getting the new truck will save you $500 in upgrading your truck, after all that is how congress works, spend two billion because it will save half a million somewhere else.


All in all not bad, 176 TBC 144ea mirrors and 41 for the re-flash.

Change photo host, it is not suppose to have adult images but the other was coming up that way, sorry

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