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Professional Requirements for a Deck Contractor !

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Bill Pemberton

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Blair, Nebraska
I will probably get flamed but I have to admit one of the lucky situations I have run into when trying to get my tornado damaged house repaired is that I have been able to get two of the larger jobs done by severe gear heads. The guy who will do the painting of my house has a bunch of 60s and 70s Chevy SS 396s and we realized after chatting a bit that we both worked together at Woodhouse Ford in Blair , Nebraska about 20 years ago. The guy I decided to go with on my deck, approved by American Family Insurance, has just started tracking and he is interested in either joining NASA or SCCA to get more schooling. He has a rather adept track tool to begin with and my apologizes that it does not have a Blue Oval up front, but it gives me a sense of well being working with a builder with gasoline in his veins. Dropping a few pictures of his ride and it is the right version, being both a 1LE and motivating down the road with a 10 speed auto. I love a 6 speeds, but the guys who switched to the slushbox version were going 2 seconds a lap faster at Hearland Motorsports Park in Topeka ( sadly still closed ).
I have to admit it is also nice that the company doing my roof uses Ford trucks almost exclusively, and most were bought from my old Dealership in Blair.


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So Cal
When a lot of people were into cars, I was more opinionated on the variety. Anymore, I'm just glad people are still interested at all. When I see a kid at the grocery store or whatever with his cambered, Riced Honda or whatever, I go over and talk. It's not my version of a Hot Rod, but it's theirs and I'm just glad that they bothered enough to get their hands dirty modding stuff.

Camaros were The Enemy for 50 years. Now they're some of the only guys left we can talk to!

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