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IMG at Summit Main Saturday/Sunday Oct 12/13

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Is it HPDE? I missed out on Sept. I think enough of my co workers may be back from sick time by then.5 man shop down to yours truly. On call sucks! Old people suck and I can say that and be politically correct because I'm old, sort of, more now the 10 months ago.
Does beginner come before novice? I've done one HPDE there. Not that I can't drive I just have to prove it there. As as long lostpony doesn't chime in then I may be good with that statement. LOL


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You can read up on their program, registration is through
Beginner/Novice are the same. I will run Intermediate because I have many days but none on Summit Main, will be requesting an instructor at least until I get familiar with the lines and braking zones for my car.
Steve, I look forward to seeing your car in person. And racered, I will let them know about your driving! j/k, Ya did fine running down that ZL1 and the Vette! I will be there too because I got promoted to Motorsports Coordinator, so I am there every weekend to make sure all is well with the different groups.
Well, we didn't have the clear weather we hoped for, but we had a fun and educational day, as far as car control goes.

here are a couple of bad pictures i took during the weekend.






I was only able to go on Saturday, but was still a great day. Great to meet some new BMO friends. IMG Charlie and crew were great hosts as well.
I still have a lot to learn, so will definitely be doing more of these events. :D

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