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Congrats on the run! Geeze, that video was so good I thought I was riding shotgun doing hot laps with my Track Attack instructor! What data logger is that?


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dang! I have been trying to get back there since i bought the GT. I had only been there once in '09 with a G35 coupe and knew it would just be the most awesome track in a big HP car. i remember screaming at the car "MOVE, DAMN YOU!" in every straight, while doing the rocking motion in my seat, as if my momentum would somehow help propel the car faster ::)

looks like you had a hell of a lot of fun there Michael! it definitely takes work to wrestle these things around the track on street tires! glad you didn't have to use your new tow hook!
Fomoco302 said:
Question since I don't track my car (did do Boss Track Attack)- are those Porsche guys a bunch of wussies or is the Boss that GOOD ? Great driving BTW !
LOL not everyone can drive FLAT OUT like roketman. BTW check his signature. ;)
Nice driving Michael. Good to see that you're exiting turn 1 in 3rd and short shifting before the esses. Took me WAY TOO long to figure that out.

I live pretty close to the Glen, up in Rochester, and try to get down there a couple of times a year, Hopefully run into you down there sometime. By the way, Rocketman was running Hoosier R6's in that video on 19" wheels. I was down there that weekend, it was my first event, and I took lots of notes on car mods both from Rocketman and Pete in CT.
It's not that scary. As for runoff, it all depends what part of the track and which turns. Some have very little and others have plenty.

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