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It's going to happen sooner or later

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My wife was backing the car out of the driveway and went off the curb. When she got to the store she was shocked to see the left side of the bumper. She called me and told me what had happened. Left work early went to the garage to see the bumper. The weight and low front end caused the bumper to pop out of place. Looked worse than it was. I was able to loosen a couples of screws and get it back into place. Only a small dent that I will take care of later. I just got the clear bra and I was worried about rocks.
Sorry to hear that. Unfortunately things are just going to happen if you drive it. My fiancee was upset this week because she raked the side of her 2007 Shelby GT's front bumper cover on a concrete curb because her wet shoe accidentally slipped off the clutch. When she called she made it sound like she ripped the front of the car off, but when I got home and looked at it fortunately nothing was ripped or cracked. It just needs some sanding, a light coat of body filler, and some paint. It doesn't make it any less painful though when you love a car.
The only way to hope your car stays mint is to keep it in the garage with a cover. Sad to say, but every time to take your Boss out you run the risk of something happening to to it as a result of your error or by someone else. Stuff happens....................just hope for the best.

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