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Just got mine in what's a good wax to use

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Its up to you. Wax does help protect the stripes but because of the matte color it makes it more of a glossy finish.
I'm a fan of Klasse products. I used them with the matte stripes just fine.

Lots of info here:
I just washed and waxed mine a few days ago and I will fully vouche for Wolfgang! It's expensive as all get out but put It on at night band come back in the morning and you seriouly will be WOWED!!!


Zaino, I put that $hit on everything
Phiffzooted said:
Waiting for this rain to stop in jersey what's a good wax to use and waxing over the strips are no good right?

Check out the 'zaino treatment' thread by boss2511 and the 'wash and wax' threads. Lots of pics and opinions there. I would suggest getting a full kit with a wash bucket with a grit guard in it. I took Justin's advice in the 'zaino thread' and very much like their products, I got a starter kit with the bucket, then later ordered the stuff from another kit because I was curious how much better/deeper the shine on my wife's GT and my Merc could get.

I ordered this from Zaino;

Then I ordered a pad kit from Adams Polishes, as my wife's black GT needed some heavy duty swirl correction, that's still a work in progress... I was able to snag a Porter Cable polisher on sale for only 89$ from Amazon, but I won't need to use it on my Boss, that will all be done by hand. Zaino stuff is so expensive you really can't afford to waste it applying it by using an electric polisher, but if you have money to burn... But taking the plunge to commit to Zaino means you are willing to do multiple coats of various products in their line. I personally enjoy giving the car a nice sudsy wash, drying it, and the starting with various coats of product. So far I am very pleased with the results and think it was worth the expense.

If you are someone that thinks spending 200$ on waxes & polishes is madness, then there are the alternative products already mentioned in the other replies. I can certainly understand the differing opinions on Zaino not being worth the premium price. One could certainly start further down the ladder on the 'cost per product ladder' and decide on their own if it's 'shiny enough' or are looking for something deeper etc. Products like these are soooo subjective in their relative worth and value.

I looked at the pix in the 'Zaino thread' and actually emailed Justin directly with a lot of questions about the products, methods used with them, and order of application. I took his word for it and was willing to take the plunge based on the pix in the thread, as well as all the testimonials on the Zaino web site. Justin's pix of his white Boss were great, but the Yellow Blaze shown here really help give you an idea of what you can look forward to with a non-white color;

After using all of the Zaino products, I have zero doubt in my own mind that they will be just fine for use over the reflective stripes on the '13 Boss. In fact, the UV protection should actually help preserve them, time will tell, your mileage may vary, order before midnight tonight, NO COD's, please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery... ;)

I have already put a bunch of coats of Zaino on my daily driver, and after getting my 'Triplets kit' I wanted to see how the Z8 would add to the shine, so I did a quick wash, a quick detail spray with Z6, and then blasted it with Z8. Looked awesome, and then drive 50 miles to work this morning and was happy to see all the water beading on the hood and roof. Sure any wax/polish is going to bead for a while after a fresh application... But I was impressed with the uniformity of the water droplets during my commute in stop and go traffic, a smooth layer of peppercorn sized droplets spread uniformly across the hood. Then when I came out to head home after about 4 hours I shot these;


Nothing spectacular, but I liked it.

So I like the Zaino products, and the Adams pads, as well as the 9x9 wash pad, that thing is a suds factory. Also got some quality microfiber towels from Adams, as cheap ones can swirl up your paint in a heart beat. Good luck with what ever you choose, and give a good, long look at 4dRacer's YB Boss... Talk about in your face shiny! The roof reflections are money... 8)
i use Surf City products. with a black boss and a black svt cobra i have tryed alot of different products but once i used Surf City i am sold on them.

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