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Just picked up my boss!!!

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Hello, everyone. Just thought I would drop a line and say it was worth the wait.. Put a deposit down in March, and just picked it up on October 14th. Anyway, it is Performance White/Black with all options including cover and mats, I got it a little understicker price also.. Car number is #2013, too bad it was'nt 2012 same as the year.. oh, well... I will try to get some pic's posted when I get a chance. I already removed the exhaust disc's on the side pipes. Sounds great. Going to get the windows tinted this coming up Monday.. Also, looking into getting a clear bra for the front of the car, a couple of places I have checked has been about 550.00 to 600.00. Hopefully that isn't too much, never have bought one for a car. Also, If I could get some input on axle back exhaust's I'm kinda leaning towards either Corsa Extreme's or Borla S-type? They are just about the same price, from the places I have checked, just wondering what everybody else, thinks of them? And how the sound? Guess I go for now. Maybe for a drive....!!!!! ;D


Because racecar.
Arizona, USA

I have the Roush exhaust on mine, plus sidepipes uncorked. Sounds awesome. You can get the Roush mufflers for considerably less than the others you're interested as well. Another thought, GT500 axlebacks.
Congrats on picking up #2013! I took the side discs out of my BOSS & it sounds loud & sweet enough for me. I'm sure whatever axelbacks you choose will bring the sound up a notch or two,especially if you add TRACKEY to the mix next month. Good luck with your new BOSS & remember the "boys" will be listening too.
Congrats on your new Boss. You're going to love it. As far as the clear bra, I paid $500.00 for mine. That completely wrapped the front end and went about 1 foot up onto the hood. The $550-600.00 you got seems in the range.
Congrats!! :)

I have Borla Atak axle-backs on mine and absolutely love it - discs are removed as well. I originally bought the Borlas for an '11 5.0, but saved them for the Boss. I just thought the Boss was too quiet even with the discs removed. Glad I saved them - love the Borlas on the Boss. Great product.

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