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Just priced seat covers I almost fainted

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Just priced front seat covers for my sby 2013 B2 non recaro seats.Ford parts guy said almost $1400.00 for just the two front seats.Covers only,not whole seat frame.I almost fell of the stool.How can this be ?
the recaro ones are a bit more.

why are you looking for new seat covers? cheaper to replace the seats and keep the factory ones like new (if that's what you're doing) then buy new covers. well almost cheaper. well sort of close.
I've been buying alot of stash away parts for my boss.I have the rare non recaro seats and someday they will need recovered.I don't want to swap out anything on the car.Guess I will wait a bit to see if they come down to a more realistic price.
Contact for better pricing. I'm sure they can sell it much cheaper. Parts guys at a Ford dealer that sell at discounted prices.
Tulsa, OK
ArizonaGT said:
Bet you wish you just ordered the Recaros now, huh? :eek:

IMO I'd rather replace the front seats entirely at that price

I would do the same thing. You can get a good set of aftermarket front seats for under $1k. Are the non-recaro seats the same as the base cloth seats in the GTs? If so just a find a set of take-offs. I recently sold the front seats out of my GT for $300.

Grant 302

basic and well known psychic
Sounds right to me. Almost any of the factory covers are $350+ a piece and each seat takes a separate back and bottom cover. My 401A replacements on the GT are about the same.

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