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Keeping your wheel weights on

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I posted this in the this forum since you probably will never have a problem with lost wheel weights on a street driven Boss. However, it's not unusual to lose wheel weights at the track. The speeds combined with brake generated heat make this an all too common annoyance. One or two layers (recommend two) of metal heating duct tape over the weights will usually solve the problem. It's worked for over 20 years on my 1988 Porsche race car. A couple of hints:

1. Don't try to form the tape too closely (using a tool or your fingernail) around the weight. That will weaken or split the tape. Just form it around the weight using your finger (and NOT your fingernail).

2. Clean the area thoroughly with brake clean prior to applying tape. This will ensure maximum adhesion of the tape.

3. I found the shiny metallic tape stood out like a sore thumb on the black surface of the wheels. That may be OK if they are only track wheels but it may be an apperance issue if they are also your street wheels. I chose to paint over the tape with black spray paint (being careful not to get paint on the outside of the wheels!). I've attached a few photos:



Sounds like a good choice if it stands up to the heat. Thanks for the tip. It's a real pain to lose wheel weights at the track.
Good tip, thanks for posting.


#LS-378 - So many Porsche's, so little time....
Not sure if Gaffers tape will handle the heat. I use this combo and it solved all my problems:

1) Perfect Equipment SSG060N QuikStik low profile wheel weights - They use a different adhesive than the typical 3M foam backing that hold sup to heat well.
2) Nashua 330X Extreme Weather Foil Tape (paint it black it you wish ;D
Never had a problem with high temp heating duct metal long as I use 2 layers. On rare occasions I've lost a weight that broke through a single layer.

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