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Lap Time Thread


TMO Addict
New Jersey Motorsport Park Thunderbolt 10/15/20
New PB Lap: 130.632
2013 Boss 302
Tires: BFG R1S 315-18
Suspension: JRi DA 500/300 springs, 18mm rear bar
AP Racing 6-pots with Ferodo pads
F&R aero

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Spencer Terry

TMO Advanced
Charlotte, NC
Ran a new PB at the newly repaved Carolina Motorsports Park the other day. The new pavement is awesome!
1:38.11 - Solo2 DL
This was run on some 305/680/18 DH Slick - Scrubs
18x11 wheels
BC Racing coilovers front - Divorced spring & Shock rear
Gt250 rear wing, custom front aero
Gutted and caged
430 WHP Approx 3350 lb without driver.
Lap starts around 0:44 sec mark


TMO Intermediate
10-16-2020 - Hooked On Driving (HOD) - C Group
Virginia International Raceway (VIR) - Alton, VA
2:10:76 (AiM Solo 2 DL) lap starts at 9:00

2015 Mustang GT
FP Track Handling Pack
Ferodo DSUNO
Goodyear Eagle F1 Supercar 3R Tires

Second time at VIR. First visit was 2018. Video is session 2 of 4 on day one. Lost both DS wheel speed sensors on session 3 causing the ABS to toggle drive modes on/off and eventually locked up the front tires on turn one, flat spotting both, and sending me for a long ride 4 off. Could not salvage the weekend but put my rain tires on for some parade laps on day 2. AiM shows lower lap times are there but will have to wait until next year.



TMO Advanced
Irvine, CA
3-5 Years
10/31/20 Big Willow
SavetheManuals--12 Boss/A052 295 Square/Koni Yellow/no RSB--1:33.7

Finally back on track after 5 months, now with my new clutch and Stage 2 Calimer MT82! I was certainly rusty, and the morning sessions were disappointing trying to keep up with big aero/tire cars with worn out 275 RS4s and my setup that had no rear grip (resulting in a 90mph off road excursion in T9...).
Luckily for the afternoon I switched to much stickier 295 A052s on 18x11s and removed my rear sway bar to get some rear grip.
I picked up almost 4 seconds even as the track heated up and slowed down, knocking a few seconds off my PB of 1:36 from a few years ago when I was completely stock.
Still working on courage through the high speed T8 (my entry speed is decent but it's so hard to not lift through the corner) and refining my Omega lines but can't wait to get back to see what this setup can do in a cool morning session!
Didn't get video of my fastest laps but here is some video from the first afternoon session:

Bill Pemberton

0ld Ford Automotive Racing Terror
Blair, Nebraska
W2W Racing
20+ Years
Thanks for posting and this is all the racing I will do in my Recaro LoungeChair , but I have to say , as your personal Armchair Quarterback , damn that was fun on the backside when the rear end was sidestepping and you did the dance of a thousand fingers on the wheel. Great save and I think I will watch it again to see if you can do it a second time, ha?

Bill Pemberton

0ld Ford Automotive Racing Terror
Blair, Nebraska
W2W Racing
20+ Years
Thanks for posting Steve...........going down that last turn at 90 mph shows why so many folks fly off into the grass there. Downhill , it even looks a bit off camber and solid speed can often make or slip sliding away, ha!!

From #22 to #21 , you are looking good!
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Jet One

TMO Advanced
VIR South Course Intermediate Group 1:22.99

2017 GT350R, Auto Blip, Apex SM-10 19x11 Square, Hankook RS4's

Having fun and figuring out South Course. Probably my only clean track of the day and I had to cut short due to low fuel. Had lots of fun and got in some needed seat time. Overall a great weekend!

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