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lets talk front end alignment specs...

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since i am going in for a new alignment soon since finishing the install of the eibachs and the mm cc plates, i am looking for some information on alignment specs.

im not so much a suspension man as some of you guys so ill pick your brains.

car is not driven on the street much. will see track duty soon enough. might be driven to and from the track though.

what spec would you recomend.
I requested -2.0 and got -2.1 on mine. I drive mine on the street and to and from the track. With about 3,000 miles since my MM CC plates were installed I'm not seeing any unusual wear on the inside of my tires. I also have four track days on the same tires since the install so that helps balance out the wear.

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gremlinsteve said:
what spec would you recomend.

For a primarily track driven car...I'd say it should be tailored to the tracks you visit and your driving preference...and adjusted for your tire wear.

If you don't have camber bolts, then I would do the max neg. camber available...and match to the side that gets the least adjustment. Unless you're on a course that is mostly high speed sweepers...then I might do something in the -1.5 to -2 range.

If there's a high speed straight and you prefer stability then I'd do 1/16" to 1/8" toe in. For a course with low speed turns/chicane maybe out 1/16" to 1/8". More for autoX. Otherwise, 0" to a tad toe in for everything else.


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my winter projects list includes a home alignment to improve turn-in. caster is going to remain stock at +7 degrees. hoping to get -2 degrees camber with camber bolts and set toe to 0. has anyone used the camber bolts, and if so, what was the max camber obtainable with them?

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