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Every Friday night during the spring and summer in Milford, Ohio, just outside of Cincinnati, a few hundred of the coolest most diverse set of rides shows up for a cruise-in like you just can't believe. Tonight there had to be 400 cars that turned out. Several Shelby GT500's and my Boss-even 2 Super Snakes. As I was walking around taking some shots, a Boss 429 came rolling in; it was the real deal. Turns out he had it out getting it cleaned up for the concours event in Cincinnati on Sunday. Sunlight was brutal at the time but here's a couple of shots. Pretty neat deal that made my day. (Only about 850 of these made in 69.)



Very cool. Instead of striping I was thinking of just giving my GT the Boss 429 look with a Shaker hood kit and black 5.0 emblems and then be done.
One of my biggest coulda-woulda-shouldas.

I had a 1970 Mach I with the 428 SCJ and Drag Pack (oil cooler, 4.30 Detroit Locker, beefed up trans, etc.), with shaker, wing, etc. A guy I knew bought a 1970 Boss 429. It didn't have the original engine, and it was repainted, but it was a real Boss (you can tell by the VIN). I told him I would trade my Mach I plus some cash for the Boss. He turned me down at first, but then he called me about a year later to do the trade. In the meantime I had cracked the block on the 428, and sold it...for $1100. Yes, that is eleven hundred dollars. A car like my Mach I in good restored condition now goes for $70K and up, and of course a sky is the limit on a Boss 429.


Zaino, I put that $hit on everything
My stepfather had a neighbor who was moving out of his house or was losing his storage, I can't remember which, and was looking to unload not 1, but 2 crate motor, never been used SOHC 427's for next to nothing... My stepfather had already sold his 390/C6 Cyclone GT, so he didn't have a Ford to even consider dropping one into.

My other lamer 'coulda had' story was my own. I was in college in the early 80's, driving one Ford/Merc beater after another. There's a popular New England periodical that comes out every Tuesday called the Want-Adverertiser. I would grab a copy every Tuesday morning when I was looking for a new ride, and one time I spotted a '71 Boss 351 in the special interest section. It was listed as needing restoration (New England winters eat unibody cars alive...) that was all apart, but the owner needed his garage back. I called that morning and left a message on the answering machine. Later that day I got a call back from the owner's wife saying that they got a ton of calls on the car, but as I had called first, she was just going down the list of folks that had called. I couldn't believe it, so I called and tried to swing a loan out of my mom, but as she was already tapped trying to help me through college, and the thing was in pieces, I had to let it go, it just wasn't the right time. So I returned the courtesy of her calling me first to say that I couldn't pull the money together and go ahead and get back to the next guy in line. To this day I always wondered what happened to that car... I want to say it was Race Red (same as my '13 on order), but I honestly can't remember.

Now 25 years later, my Boss is finally arriving. This is going to be one great summer.

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