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LS Panhard bar

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I was looking at the ford catalog and noticed the Laguna panhard bar is different from the standard boss, anyone know whats up with that? I tried to google a picture but didnt see much.
Re: LS Panhard bar

Yes it is. I just removed my stock 2013 LS panhard bar (and panhard brace), and replaced with a Steeda panhard brace and J&M adjustable steel panhard bar.
Brandon302 said:
Stiffer I think is the only difference between the LS and stock Boss PHB.
Stiffer? The bushings? I doubt there is any difference but if there is it's so minimal that it's not worth worrying about. AFAIK all of the Mustang pahnard bars are filled with shot. The ride height is the same on both cars so not sure why the length would be different.

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