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LS Spoiler

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#LS-378 - So many Porsche's, so little time....
Check out Kenny Brown's:



One of the rare Boss LS in Switzerland
Pedestal Rear Part# AR3Z-6344210-CA
Price 281.05$ at:
LOL! as a daily driver that would not work out. I do like the LS spoiler better. I got use to seeing them on the boss while a MMP. Being that I let the garage door come down on it I figure what better excuse to get rid.LOL
buland said:
Pedestal Rear Part# AR3Z-6344210-CA
Price 281.05$ at:

I wonder what the cost would be to get it painted black like the original one? Can this be done prior to delivery?
badasbullitt said:
I wonder what the cost would be to get it painted black like the original one? Can this be done prior to delivery?
You can call them and ask. I think they drop ship many of the larger parts and may not actually inventory the part. Any local body shop should be able to paint it and it's the same black code as used on any Mustang.
badasbullitt said:
Does any know what a LS spoiler cost? I am thinking about switching the spoiler.

I got mine at partscheap a while ago for around 290.. Had it painted locally here by a friend. I painted the boss 302s grille and ls spoiler at the same time and he only charged me 100 bucks, but he gave me a good deal..

Here's the link. When i bought it, it was an oem part.

I also saw the LS spoiler from north american tuning for 349 and they charge 200 to paint it before it arrives. Looks like it's oem, but you may want to call to make sure.

Cj pony parts has it but it's more expensive right now compared to the other 2.
I picked mine up on ebay from these guys for a winning bid of just $208.00. I was able to wait it out and they finally listed some in Kona blue. I missed out on the first one that sold for $270 KB. But they quickly relisted another one which I won for only $208 delivered. This is an OEM part and appears to be factory painted by Ford from what I was able to determine. It still had Ford plant tracking info on it. The paint matched perfectly and it was well packaged for shipping. However, they only ever list one at a time and color choice is limited. However if they list the color your looking for an oem spoiler w/factory paint for under $300 bucks is a great deal.
I have the LS spoiler on my Boss and really like it, you will have to drill a couple more holes in the deck lid, to mount it. Other than that you will be good to go. I purchased mine at for 281.00, I think they have went up on the price tho since then. I'm really liking the Kenny Brown wing tho... I might have to switch it out eventually. :-\

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