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S197 3V Advice on LSD options

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Hi, so after my first track outing I have a few improvements to make on the car.
It sure felt like in the tighter corners I had throttle induced wheel spin. So was I at the mechanical grip of the tires, was I just overdriving the car, was I spinning both or one wheel is the million dollar question. I lost a lot of time because I couldnt get the power down. Since I have automatic gears and I need to change those out ( I did the track in 2nd and 3rd ), I thought it would be a good time to consider upgrades.

Car is a 2006 GT that was a automatic. 18*11 wheels on slicks, so it wasnt from small tires.

My local vendor ( Canadian prices ) has given me a list of options. They recommend the trutrac. The option not listed is a rebuild of the existing LSD in case its just worn out.
The Detriot TruTrac (913A561) is $984.51, the Ford Performance Torsen (M-4204-T31) is $1060.76 and the Torsen T2R (M-4204-T31H) is $1383.56
I plan to run the 3valve and not upgrade the motor. Full Kenny Brown suspension and 6 piston brake upgrade.
With this car which would be the best option do you think?

Thanks in advance for your advice.

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I just replaced my Trac-lock with a Detroit TrueTrac recently. I rebuilt the Trac-loc once with Ford Performance carbon clutches and didn't want to do it again. That friction modifier is truly vile stuff. I went with the TrueTrac after reading Billy Johnson's Budget Track build series of articles on MotoIQ. I figured if it was good enough for him it would work for me. It was also a bit cheaper than the Torsen T2R. I know people running the Torsen's and they are happy with them as well. I don't think you can go wrong with either one. The TrueTrac is more predictable and effective than the Trac-lock was even with new clutches in it. I am able to put more power down on corner exit without the car getting tail happy.

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