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S550 mavisky's "LOUDCAR" Build Thread Profile - S550 Mustangs

New tires worked as well as I thought they would.

New setup is rotatable 19x11 Apex wheels with 305/30-19 Khumo V730. I'd read some reports that these tires like crazy low hot pressures, and I can confirm that based on the 6 runs I got today and monitoring the sidewalls, this is accurate. Best times came with 30.5psi in the front and 27 psi in the rear.

I'm lucky to have a consistently fast local driver in my class in his modified 2014 GT and with the PS4S I had run during my first few events I was typically between a second and a half to 2 seconds behind him as he's on a set of 305 Falkens. With the new setup I was actually beating him until his very last run where he edged me out by a mere 0.087 seconds. My fastest time of the day caught 3 cones (2 minor slalom cones and one that probably cost me more time than it would have saved in raw time) but I did put down a faster raw time with a 65.732. Car is still on stock camber at the front and only slightly more than stock in the rear after lowering so I know I can dial in more front grip with a set of camber plates which could solve some of the understeer I'm fighting and really boost the car ahead in the standings. Time to pull the trigger on the next set of mods. (also looks like Brent and I need to update our vehicle profiles to list the correct tires, oops)


At the end of the day I was in the top 20 on PAX even though the second heat was able to pick up a couple of seconds compared to our morning times. Typically Brent and his 2014 are top 10 in PAX so the second half got a major advantage on us in today's runs as he was only 15th with a number of cars he normally beats sliding ahead due to the better surface temps and cleaner surface in the 2nd half of the day. Feeling good as this means with a little more front turn-in from a set of camber plates I should be able to fight it out for top 5-10 PAX finishes in our fairly competitive Atlanta region events.
Tried a new camera location. Had to keep it low to keep it from blocking line of sight from my helmet, but in the end it's a little too low for me to use it again in car.

I will have to setup a sidemounted camera location. Moved the mic to the rear license plate frame and prefer the audio color. This was my fastest raw time, last run of the event, but 3 cones picked up unfortunately. Go Pro was dead for my fastest run and didn't have time to battery swap once I realized. The GPS also failed to record the second half of the lap. Not sure what's going on but this issue keeps happening consistently once we get down to the far end of the parking lot. Perfect recording up til I make the turnaround near the onsite airport and then my GPS dies. Weird, but not my major concern. Need to get more front camber as you can see that even on a square setup the car still defaults to understeer unless it's throttle invoked oversteer.


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